Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last Swim Meet...PULL, PULL!!!!!

Last Wedneday was the last swim meet of the season. i'm posting a little late because i wanted to add this video of chris swimming his last race and just now figured out how to download it ...woot woot..i'm an expert!!!!!

chris did great in his individual fly and relays.

Chris getting ready to take off ...in middle lane Purple cap..Go Chris!!

and he's off....Pull...Pull..PULL....!!!!!


here he is ready to flip and head back to tag the next swimmer.

the lady to the left of the picture was yelling at the wrong swimmer... oh and chris has banned me from yelling PULL or GO CHRIS...he said it's annoying.

this is Daniel one of chris' good friends , didnt click the camera on time and this is what i got... apicture of his funky speedo. Great Job Daniel!!!!



Another Fabulous meal from our Little Chef

Chris will be competing in a Culinary competition next month on the 11Th...SMOKEY the COW...that's in a few weeks ....hope he's ready. wait...He Is READY!!!!

last night Chris cooked up an awesome meal. what did he cook you ask? first I'll give details on what and how he cooked everything.

1st - boiled chicken breast in Chicken Broth
2nd - made an amazing tomatoes sauce with scallions,tomatoes, Rosemary, white wine and some other ingredients... oh but it was yummy
3rd - sauteed veggies...Squash(green and yellow) and onions...they were perfect nice and tender and crisp. and the flavor was AMAZZZZING!!!!!
3rd - Parmesan Risotto - going to criticize his risotto. it was a bit gooey, the rice was fully cooked not under or over cooked. it just wasn't that great. he will need to perfect it within a few weeks. so that means Risotto every night, at least ill get to taste it as he perfects it.

He plated it by placing the Risotto at the bottom of the plate placed the sauteed veggies over the rice, he then cut the chicken breast in slices (i love watching him cut things he just cuts it to delicate) and placed it over the rice and veggies then he drizzled (i had him put more sauce on my plate) the tomato sauce over the chicken and garnished off with Tarragon ....and can i tell you this was sooooo GOOD, YUMMY, PERFECT!!!!

he will be making the same dish except he will be replacing the chicken with Rack of Lamb.

and here is the Final dish

Friday, September 17, 2010

Where Have We Been????

OH MY...it's been almost 2 years that I have posted anything on here ....wow and so much has been going on in all our lives...where to begin????

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First day of Spring Break

The Official First day of Spring is March 20th, so Arizona is off by a week or two!

well I decided to take Monday off and spend it with Chris. I woke up started to make him Breakfast and before I knew it he took over, finished the pancakes I started , also adding his touch and adding white Chocolate chips to the batter, and they were yummy!!

Tammy came over with Jessie( he is too Cute) and we started planing on what to do with the two High school students, Callie and Chris. We needed to do something fun and in the sun, first because it was their first day off and second this will be Calli's last Spring Break as a High School student. well being that Callie loves to Run, she took First Place in Track and Vault for Valley Vista High School ...Go Callie, #1. and we decided to take a Hike at White Tank Mountains. Tammi, picked up callie from Track practice, went home and hopefully took a shower and changed Jessies Diaper, while Chris and I showered,Shaved and Shined our teeth.

once they arrived at my home we packed the Expi, car seat and Koal (couldn't leave him at home) and Drove to White Tank Mountains. We hiked the Water Fall Trail, i had never done this hike and i kept hearing about people getting wet and slipping so i wanted to see what all the hoopla was all about. well let me tell you it was a fun hike. There was very little water and a trickle of water down the waterfall
and here are the pics to prove it.

Chrsitopher Holding Jessie, callie carrying the backpack.

They were walking backwards just so I can get a picture of them hiking, Thanks Chris and Callie!!

Jessie looing at Mommy over Christopher's shoulder.

Jessie walking to the Waterfall. c'mon Jessie

Koal Resting after half the way up to the Waterfall.Not sure if he needed water or shoes?

Chris and Calli ebelow the waterfall

Is this not a Beautifull day to go Hiking?

Koal and I at the bottom of the Waterfall, not a lot of water, but it was nice.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009


I can't believe I haven't posted in almost 3 months... have I been busy or just no excitement in my life... well busy yes, but excitement?? there is always excitement in my life I can post about.

Yesterday I pull up to the driveway park the Expi and make my way to the house i turn the corner and notice this on my door.

I paused and thought to myself "what NOW????, what did they shut off at the house, the water , the electric, the gas, is it a notice from the HOA, WHAT???? UUURRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

well, as I got closer to the door I started laughing because to my surprise it had nothing to do with what I was thinking. It wasn't a bill collector or a shut off notice, it was was nothing like that.
it was something for me to be happy about, something for me to be thankful for, something for me to gloat in a good way not the bad way.

here is the close up of what it was........

it was.......... Christopher's report card!!!

I opened the door, walk in the house and Christopher's standing in the kitchen with a big smile on his face. he tells me "see mom, I'm doing good in school", I smiled back and said "Thanks Chris and because of that you will get a big reward ........." and before i could say what the reward was he asked " money?" me "NO silly, your going to get a Diploma!" I laughed and just told him we will think of something to get him.

Good for you Chris, very Proud of you, Love your MOM!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Peaches anyone?

On Thursday of last week I gave Tammy a call asking her for suggestions about what to do with 38pounds , yes i said ...38 pounds... of Peaches. She suggested to make Jam. we set a Date to make the Jam on Sunday.

Saturday came along, auggie and I woke up at 6:30 am to go pick up our peaches. when I saw what I was picking up I couldn't believe my eyes. I guess I never really thought about how much 38 pounds was. want to see ......
there's about 4 pound missing out of this Box. Christopher made us a Peach custard Pie Saturday night, we put some in the fridge and this is what i had leftover for our Jam.
Sunday... went to church, came home, had early dinner, turned on BYU T.V. to watch the General Relief Society Broadcast because I had missed it on Saturday at the Stake Center (my mind was on those darn peaches), Tammy called and asked if I was ready to make Jam? Me...NO, not even close. She offered me to go to her house and make the jam at her home. Auggie packed the peaches in the Expi and I headed to her house.

I need to say that I was not Prepared to make the peach Jam. I really went in this thinking "all I need are the Peaches" let me tell you ...after 2 trips to Wal-Mart, 1 to Fry's , and my house, we finally had everything we needed to start the Jam making Process. oh yeah and I almost forgot... a phone call to Tennessee to speak to the Expert Jam making Person, Tammy's Mom!

Here are the pictures of all of us pitching in to make the jam.

Here's Tammy and me all perky ready to make Jam!!!

Tammy's Peeling and I'm Pitting the peaches and cutting them

2 hours later, Day above..... and Night Below

here we are again notice the day light.... yes this took longer than I expected.

Christopher is patiently waiting for us to tell him what to do.

If he only new what was coming....

Here I am cutting peaches.

Thanks Tammy for handing me an apron.

Never thought that it would be messy.

Christopher and Ammon hard at work

Christopher is sanitizing the Jars and Lids

Ammon Smashing the peaches getting them ready for the next process ....Making jam!!!!

Ammon and his Little sneaky smile, what is he up to?

here they are in the second round of Peach Jamming and Jar Sanitizing

This box here.... is what you need to make jam.

This is the Number one Ingredient (next to the peaches of course)

oh and the one thing the Jam Expert told us
"Don't buy the cheap stuff "

This is what it looks like when you first start
here are 4 cups of smashed peaches
waiting to boil

This is what it looks like after we added 1 box of Sure-Jell, 5 1/2 Cups of Sugar, 2 tbsp of Lemon juice, YUMMY!!!

Pouring it into the Jar after 1 minute of boiling it.

This was HOT , and I had to be very careful pouring it in the jar making sure I didn't get any jam on the rim of the jar , or else I would get yelled at by Tammy. oh yeah and don't over fill them.

Don't you just like the way it looks, Yummy!!! ...it looks very golden. Tammy said that was a pretty color for peach Jam.

Here we are "The TWO Peachy Girls" making Peach Jam.

Here's Tammy.... her Job was to clean the top of the jars, place the lids on and direct me to make sure I was doing a good job .

Great Job Tammy!!!!

The Jars filled with Jam getting a boiling water Bath. This helps to seal the jars so I can store all the jam we made for up to a year.

We made 60 jars of Peaches.

THANK YOU TAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are Pictures of the Rest of the Hee Haw Gang.....
Randy Taking Chocolate Pudding Pie he made to Auggie, and Heather, they are up in the theater Room watching Batman

Randy, Heather and Auggie
Watching Batman in the Clark's Movie Theater

"hey Randy, don't you think your showing off to much Leg?"

Christopher and Ammon Playing a game after putting in some Muscles smashing the Peaches
both of them did a great JOB helping make Jam!!!!!

Here's Baby Jessie and Callie Posing for the camera

We had tons of fun making jam, Thanks Tammy this was a great Experience , can't wait for next year.
If any of you are wondering what I'm going to do with 48 jars of Peach jam....I believe Santa Clause is coming to pick them up and deliver a Jar to your home. Merry Christmas!!!
That's if we don't eat it all!!!
until next time....